but never the real deal.


When i’m really tired and i get asked a question, I sometimes ramble on nonsense that i don’t even know what I’m saying just to get that person to shut up and go away and leave me alone

Second time i’ve felt such disappointment.

“There are many fishes in the ocean. Maybe we are the fish. All this time spent looking for other fishes could be spent looking in the mirror.”

– Matz the bro

So i drew batman 3 times today. I’m so proud of myself yay

Dont think just do

Pls dont let history repeat itself again pls pls pls. Why cant i just get down to work this is damn frustrating. I’m already living in regret and it doesnt help that i’m constantly lowering expectations of myself. Everyone around me is disappointed and i’m letting them all down - most of all i’m letting myself down. I cant even remember the last time i actually felt a sense of accomplishment. Pathetic. Just get a grip dammit. Eion havent you had enough of this shit why cant you just start succeeding for once. Stop wasting your time you’re wasting your life away.

Fuck man, every time. Every fucking time. bloody piss off.